Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In your face, old man!!!!

(sorry, I had to get that out)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Leftover yardage list

Red Heart camo-81
Caron SS bright blue-29
Caron SS grape-3
Caron SS grey-28
Caron SS white-13
Caron SS black-87
Caron SS brown-35
Caron SS hot pink-16
Wintuk jewel tone-9
Bernat Boucle brown-50
Bernat Satin blue-14
Bernat Satin yellow-46

Acrylic Blends:

Lion Cotton poppy-172
Bernat xmas-151
Sugar N Cream lavendar-21
Sugar N Cream yellow-41
Sugar N Cream orange-28
Sugar N Cream orange/yellow/pink-92
Sugar N Cream blue-66
Peaches N Cream yellow-49
Peaches N Cream orange-

Cotton Blends:
Cotton Ease orange-3
Cotton Ease yellow-86
Cotton Ease blue-141

Noro #184-46
Knit Picks Swish Superwash yellow-62
Knit Picks Swish Superwash green-4
Knit Picks Swish Superwash purple-42
Knit Front and Back sock yarn Near Dark-133

Wool Blends:
Patons SWS green-66
Wool Ease brown-114

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Things I'd Like to Crochet One Day

*Life-sized bicycle (modeled after my yellow '70s Schwinn)
*Potted venus fly trap
*Ribcage (I have already made one out of wood)
*A large banana peel (and maybe a guy slipping on it...)
*A representation of my Etsy store name: Robot Heart Squid
*Crowley and Aziraphale from Good Omens
*Ben Gibbard for my friend who stalks him

more soon...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Upon learning that crochet has one purpose for me

Stuffies!!! This was my first more or less following of a crochet pattern. More or less meaning that quite a bit of it was winged. I left out a few color changes because I still don't know how to do that. This is for Emma Jean, who was born on May 19th. Her mom is an old family friend. It's a little lopsided, but still adorable. Everyone who's seen it wants one, but I will definitely be changing yarn for future teddies. I need to work on my embroidery though.

The yarn used - Bernat Baby Coordinates was a complete bitch to crochet, and just as bad to unravel.

My flat crochet curls, so I'll be useing it purely for toys and odd little sculptural items, and maybe the occasional hat. Knitting will be used to everything else.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Re-learning Crochet (one more thing done on my list)

So I vaguely learned how to crochet about four years ago using one of those Lion Brand scarf kits they used to sell. It had one ball of Jiffy and a ginormous hook (Q, maybe?). It was quick, but waaaaay too short, so it went into my charity box. I've been wanting to be able to make amigurumi because they are just so damn cute, so I picked up my hook -- a smaller one this time -- again last week and watched some YouTube amigurumi videos. Thus, Mr. Lumpy was born. He was my in the round, increasing, and decreasing 'swatch'. Kind of reminds me of those little Zoloft characters.

Then I started a plain half-double swatch which turned into a log cabin-esq. kitty blanket for PAWS Chicago. It's a little lopsided and ripply, because I seem to have trouble keeping the same number of stitches on each row, so now I'm working on a plain single stitch washcloth to see what I'm doing wrong.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Accidents

The teapot I've been working on for what seems like forever collapsed last week. It was basically three or four haphazardly stacked cylinders...reminded me of an abstract oil can. Anyways, I walked into class on Friday and saw that it was lying on it's side. Carrie unwrapped it because I really didn't want to see what happened. It was a big slumped mess. (It was my fault -- I wrapped it in too many wet paper towels) The cylinder second from the bottom had folded down and the rest fell and cracked....and it looked amazing!!! I put it back together and smoothed out some bits, but mostly left a lot of the cracks and holes in tact. I am happier with it now than I was last week. I glazed one of my bowls with a matte khaki glaze that I'm thinking of using on this piece. It turns out more dirty rusty brown than khaki, which is perfect. This is going to become my 'overgrown' teapot...one of my mixed media fiber-and-clay pieces. I'm going to spin a wire-core yarn with various green and brown shades to intwine around and through the holes.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fuzzy Around the Edges

During my junior high years, I started going to a dentist that was in our town. My mom had the notion that it would save time and money. Time, yes...money, um no. This guy was a total C&M -- cheap and masochistic. He would 'water' down his anesthetic and gas, so everything he did was felt. I believe once I was given at least five shots of novocaine because I wasn't numbing. He was eventually sued and went out of business.

Then I went back to the dentist I started out with. I cringed the first time I needed to have a cavity filled by this guy (everytime I went to the other one I left with four more teeth needing to be filled. I don't think I ever really had any.), but his novocaine...holy crap!!! And then when I asked for the gas one time, everything changed. Oh, the wonderous gas. I wish I could carry a small tank of it around with me. Seriously. Now I really don't mind going to the dentist. I'm kind of turning into that one character from Little Shop of Horrors...ok, not really...

I love how everything moves with a strobe light-like effect as first. Almost in a jarring fluid way. Then it transitions into the feeling of being trapped in quicksand. You know you're moving, shifting your feet, hands, etc., but the fact is delayed in getting to your mind. What is normally pain is now just warmth and pressure. I get the most bizarre thoughts while I'm under. I had this fleeting thought today that was something like comparing the position I was in to that of a hungry baby bird. Everytime the dentist came near I would open my mouth thinking he ws needed to drill or whatnot. haha. And then it's all over. You have to drive home with that fuzz slowly fading while trying not to unknowingly chew your tongue off. It's nice, though, to arrive back at work without even knowing how you got there. I'm sure it's unsafe, but it really does make the time fly by.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Proto Teapot

I'm starting to think that knitting was one of the things that led me to change majors. There are just more ways to incorporate it into sculpture than photography (although I've been thinking of a few things to try). Right now I'm working on a knit/felted teapot for ceramics, and perhaps for my undergrad show. This will be my first on-the-fly project with shaping. I've got to remember to write the directions down as I go, though, just in case it works out. *fingers crossed*

I love the 2002 calendar still on my mom's desk.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Belated First Update

Here I thought I started my 101 in 1001 on a Monday, but I just realized it was a Saturday. I'm going to update weekly now to track my progress.

Last night I started looking into local craft fairs in hopes of finding the prices for reserving a spot. If anything I'll try to get my mom to split one with me -- she makes these great fake floral arrangements that always get compliments. Anyhoo, I checked into Crete's European Market, which is just a fancy pants name for a small town's farmer's market. I couldn't believe what was all needed to just have a booth. It was practically signing your first born away! Photos of your work (to be judged - WTF?), a 250 word business statement, complete descriptions of everything you plan to sell and the materials they are made of, etc. The scary thing is that to get into Tallgrass Gallery, all I needed were five slides and a very short write up, and that place is frequented by big name artists. Strange. Now I'll just look into craft fairs.

I finally finished Cell by Stephen King, one of my books that has been laying around forever. I'm going to do a themed BookCrossing release for this one (at a cellphone store, hopefully) as soon as my release materials come in.

I also learned how to use chopsticks!!! Ok, so it's a big deal to me.

Oh! And I made some general info business cards to use in the Tallgrass gift shop. They're tose blank printable ones from Avery, just plain white with black writing . I took a bare tree stamp and some distress ink and created my own border on teh left side. I love them! Too bad my scanner stopped working because I'd love to post a picture.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of dentist appointments and Tallgrass

*deep breath*

I made my first dentist appointment in over a year for tomorrow morning. Yes, I know that's bad, but I made myself promise to keep up regularly for my 101 in 1001 (and hopefully for the rest of my life now). It's so bad that I need to be gassed just for a cleaning, and even after that I have to keep myself from going into panic-flail mode.

On the plus side, I finally emailed Tallgrass to sign up for use of some gift shop space. I can't wait to see which months I get!

Monday, February 25, 2008

101 in 1001 Extras

I love writing lists, so off course once I started this, I couldn't stop. Here are some of my extra fill-ins.

1. Take a plane trip (I've never been on one)
2. Go fishing with my dad this summer
3. Take one of the crime scene classes offered at school

Hopefully that's it...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

101 in 1001

Start date: 2/23/08
Finish date: 11/20/10

1. Learn how to fold an origami crane
2. Organize my computer files
3. Get a tattoo
4. Get Rio off to his new home
5. Volunteer
6. Buy a swift
7. Clean up and rearrange my room*WOO-HOO!!!*
8. Make 10 kitty blankets for PAWS (3/10)
9. Enter artwork in three Tallgrass shows (1/3)
10. Knit myself a garment
11. Get at least 3 required classes closer to graduation (3/3)
12. Learn soldering
13. Knit a child’s sweater for charity
14. Sign up to put work in the Tallgrass gift shop
15. Don’t buy any new novels for six months (6/6)
16. Re-learn how to spin on a spindle
17. Test and review all BPAL
18. Destash BPAL I no longer want
19. Put something in a school gallery show
20. Relearn crochet so I can make amigurumi animals
21. Learn bookbinding
22. Go to a past life regression session
23. Finally put something in my Etsy store
24. Use up most of my old fiber stash
25. Put up some of my work to sell
26. Take an art class in a medium I'm unfamiliar with
27. Learn cables
28. Spin art yarn
29. Learn continental knitting
30. Try entrelac
31. Knit a lace shawl
32. Sell something on Ebay
33. Get at least $500 into savings ($90/$500)
34. Pay off and cut up all credit cards (2/3)
35. Dedicate one journal just for artsy ideas and clippings
36. Eat less red meat
37. Start the TKGA Master's Program
38. Write an artist's statement
39. Try yoga
40. Become an ArtScout
41. Knit toe up socks
42. Knit two socks on magic loop
43. No new bags for six months (6/6)
44. Renew library card
45. Donate hair to Locks of Love
46. Dye hair hot pink
47. Graduate in '09
48. Knit from stash for six months (6/6)
49. Spin enough yarn for a big project
50. Catalogue all yarn in Ravelry
51. Learn to make granny squares
52. Release a book for BookCrossing
53. Get eyebrows professionally shaped
54. Find an old fashioned roller rink and skate!
55. Get both cats up to date on shots (2/2)
56. Visit a Tibetian temple
57. Get fitted for a bra
58. Go on a road trip
59. Knit 5 miles of yarn (5/5)
60. Learn new spinning techniques: wire core, wrapped yarn, nubs, coils, slubs, felt add-ins, mixed media
61. Try intarsia
62. Go to The Green Mill
63. Learn to use our new sewing machine
64. Start Master's degree
65. Learn to weave
66. Go to a fiber festival or Yarn Con
67. Take a self defense class
68. Do grave rubbings
69. Make gingerbread from scratch
70. Throw porcelain
71. Make something for PostSecret
72. Learn to shoot a gun
73. Design something knitted/crocheted
74. Submit a yarn to The Yarn Museum
75. Be an extra in a movie
76. Help out at the local theater
77. Try Korean food
78. Make an ATC
79. Go on a ghost hunt
80. Go to a spa
81. Knit/spin vegan for a month
82. Knit with laceweight yarn
83. Take part in a protest
84. Get hypnotized
85. Get a portfolio together
86. Make most of Roxycraft's designs
87. Visit Lillstreet
88. Take archery lessons
89. See a roller derby match
90. Clicker-train our animals
91. Wheel-throw a plate
92. Get back into chain mail
93. Learn to use chopsticks
94. Make an art doll
95. Learn some sign language
96. Knit/crochet an inanimate object
97. Release a message in a bottle
98. Write for my friend’s variety web show
99. Update resume
100. Make myself general information business cards
101. Get a psychic reading

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

End of the Knit-A-Mile challenge

I knit through 1647yds. (A mile is 1760yds.), which is way more than I ever expected. I would like to give a big thanks to the flu and Illinois' terrible weather!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snapple "Real Fact" #155

In 1926, the first mini-golf courses were built on rooftops in NYC.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fiber and clay

So, it all started with Eugene. I was making a monster movie scene for ceramic sculpture, and he needed some legs. The fabric I bought kept ripping, so I ending up knitting them. They're stuffed with piped cleaners and that rippy fabric so he can grab pedestrians all he wants. Now, Carrie (teacher) has me combining clay and knitting/felting in my wheel throwing class. I've come up with a series of teapots based loosely on Alice in Wonderland. I really wish my scanner worked so I could post my sketches.

I've started doing tests to see if my ideas will actually be fruitful. Here is the one for my polka dot teapot. The circles are cut out of the clay and then filled with needle felted wool. For the project I'm going to either dye my own wool or buy some. Most likely the Felter's Bag of Candy from Mielke's Fiber Arts, LLC. Plus, then I can finally get some raw blue jean fiber as well. :) This will be a non-functioning teapot, obviously.

I've always wanted to make something involving a venus fly trap. When I was done with the felted dots, I decided to see how a needle felted fly trap would look. I really liked how it turned out, so that led to another teapot idea. I still have to spin the 'vines' and make a bunch more of these.

A tiny needle felted fly. FEED ME!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I just spent the entire day backing up my computer before taking it in to get it fixed. Who knew there was so much crap on it? So, no new pictures to post because I am lazy and have only been catching up on The Zombie Hunters lately.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I've always hated running...

Yesterday our first stashdown challenge started with the "January Knit-a-mile". That's 1760yds! I'm a slowish knitter, but I just may be able to do this. Apparently spinning counts, but I'd be able to finish the mile in only a few days that way (perhaps I'll only do that if my carpal tunnel flares again).

So I found three skeins of Bernat's Soft Boucle in my stash, which are 255yds. each. They are going to be used for super simple garter stitch hat and scarf sets for charity.

Yesterday I managed to finish one hat.

And today got a good deal through the matching scarf.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First FO of '08!!!

I cast on for the Abstract Caterpillar Cowl during my train ride to Jodi's on Dec. 31st, and finished it Jan. 1st. It's made from my own handspun of some unknown yardage...more than 100g. at least.

Also on the way to Jodi's, on the EL, this guy got on the same car I was on. I almost didn't say anything but I knew I'd kick myself later. Apparently, the ski mask-thingy (can't think of the name of them right now) was bought in Iceland. I've got to go to Iceland.