Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fiber and clay

So, it all started with Eugene. I was making a monster movie scene for ceramic sculpture, and he needed some legs. The fabric I bought kept ripping, so I ending up knitting them. They're stuffed with piped cleaners and that rippy fabric so he can grab pedestrians all he wants. Now, Carrie (teacher) has me combining clay and knitting/felting in my wheel throwing class. I've come up with a series of teapots based loosely on Alice in Wonderland. I really wish my scanner worked so I could post my sketches.

I've started doing tests to see if my ideas will actually be fruitful. Here is the one for my polka dot teapot. The circles are cut out of the clay and then filled with needle felted wool. For the project I'm going to either dye my own wool or buy some. Most likely the Felter's Bag of Candy from Mielke's Fiber Arts, LLC. Plus, then I can finally get some raw blue jean fiber as well. :) This will be a non-functioning teapot, obviously.

I've always wanted to make something involving a venus fly trap. When I was done with the felted dots, I decided to see how a needle felted fly trap would look. I really liked how it turned out, so that led to another teapot idea. I still have to spin the 'vines' and make a bunch more of these.

A tiny needle felted fly. FEED ME!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I just spent the entire day backing up my computer before taking it in to get it fixed. Who knew there was so much crap on it? So, no new pictures to post because I am lazy and have only been catching up on The Zombie Hunters lately.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I've always hated running...

Yesterday our first stashdown challenge started with the "January Knit-a-mile". That's 1760yds! I'm a slowish knitter, but I just may be able to do this. Apparently spinning counts, but I'd be able to finish the mile in only a few days that way (perhaps I'll only do that if my carpal tunnel flares again).

So I found three skeins of Bernat's Soft Boucle in my stash, which are 255yds. each. They are going to be used for super simple garter stitch hat and scarf sets for charity.

Yesterday I managed to finish one hat.

And today got a good deal through the matching scarf.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First FO of '08!!!

I cast on for the Abstract Caterpillar Cowl during my train ride to Jodi's on Dec. 31st, and finished it Jan. 1st. It's made from my own handspun of some unknown yardage...more than 100g. at least.

Also on the way to Jodi's, on the EL, this guy got on the same car I was on. I almost didn't say anything but I knew I'd kick myself later. Apparently, the ski mask-thingy (can't think of the name of them right now) was bought in Iceland. I've got to go to Iceland.