Monday, April 28, 2008

Re-learning Crochet (one more thing done on my list)

So I vaguely learned how to crochet about four years ago using one of those Lion Brand scarf kits they used to sell. It had one ball of Jiffy and a ginormous hook (Q, maybe?). It was quick, but waaaaay too short, so it went into my charity box. I've been wanting to be able to make amigurumi because they are just so damn cute, so I picked up my hook -- a smaller one this time -- again last week and watched some YouTube amigurumi videos. Thus, Mr. Lumpy was born. He was my in the round, increasing, and decreasing 'swatch'. Kind of reminds me of those little Zoloft characters.

Then I started a plain half-double swatch which turned into a log cabin-esq. kitty blanket for PAWS Chicago. It's a little lopsided and ripply, because I seem to have trouble keeping the same number of stitches on each row, so now I'm working on a plain single stitch washcloth to see what I'm doing wrong.